Stainless Countertops For the Modern Kitchen

Known for ease of use and care as well as a sleek modern look, stainless steel countertops are being used in commercial and residential kitchens alike. What are the benefits of stainless countertops? There are several.

Cleaning stainless steel countertops is simple. All that is required is mild soap and water. After washing, just rinse and wipe dry. You do not need to use harsh chemicals to clean your stainless countertops because the metal is actually an antimicrobial surface that naturally blocks and keeps away bacteria. Actually, harsh cleansers such as bleach and acidic compounds can damage your counter.


Resistance to scratches and stains is another reason stainless counter tops are so popular. Stainless naturally resists dents, scratches, heat and corrosion and will not chip. There are different grades of stainless that can be selected, generally categorized by residential and commercial. The commercial grades are more expensive but offer more durability compared to the residential grades due to their increased thickness. It is important though to still take precautions against damaging your counter. For example, even though your stainless countertop is scratch resistant you should still use a cutting board.

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Since stainless is a shiny metal, it reflects light well which can help to brighten up a dark kitchen. This is one of the reasons homeowners with small kitchens choose stainless counter tops for their remodeling project.

The look of stainless countertops cannot be matched by any other counter material. The smooth contemporary surface is naturally a clean and modern style. It looks great in many different kitchens whether it is a small remodeling job or a new luxury gourmet kitchen.


Hopefully, this gives you an idea of the benefits of stainless steel countertops for your home. Since they are easy to care for, resistant to damage, add brightness to the work area, and look great, it is no wonder that stainless countertops are more popular than ever. The choice of countertops is importatnt even though most of us do not put much consideration into it.

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